Microsoft Becomes The Biggest Open-source Contributor at Github

Microsoft has dramatically changed its stance when it comes anything open-source in recent times with frequent reports of the Redmond company stacking up the number of codes it has shared with the open-source community.

Microsoft isn’t the only mega software giant with a vested interest in open-source as firms like Facebook, Docker, Angular, and Google are also contributing one way or another.

In a recent Github Universe conference, Github has released a report shedding light on some interesting data concerning code contributors to the web-based Git repository hosting service. Among the top contributors, Microsoft consolidates the top spot outpacing the likes of Facebook, Google and even Docker which is quite surprising considering the fact that Docker is an open-source project in itself.


Under Satya Nadella, Microsoft has greatly softened its view of the open-source community and rather than working against it, the company has been putting in great efforts in opening up  large amounts of codes for programs like Visual Studio Code, PowerShell, Edge JavaScript engine.

GitHub, the centre for all open source programmers, has released new data that puts emphasis on some of the highlights from the past year. Looking at the list of companies with most employees contributing their code to open source projects hosted on GitHub, Microsoft took the 1st spot with 16,419 contributors.

Here is a rundown of companies and the amount of code they publicly contributed to Github:
1- Microsoft — 16,419
2- Facebook — 15,682
3-Docker — 14,059
4-Angular — 12,841
5-Google — 12,140
6-Atom — 9,698
7-FortAwesome — 9,617
8-Elastic — 7,220
9-Apache — 6,999
10-Npm — 6,815


It should be noted that this data is based on the publicly available information on GitHub. Many organisations use GitHub’s private mode to share their code. Still, when it comes to open source, this data indicates that Microsoft has become a darling to Open-source enthusiast.

Here is the list of top repositories with the most open source contributors, Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code marks its presence with 5,885 contributors.

1-FortAwesome/Font-Awesome — 10,654
2-docker/docker — 8,253
3-npm/npm — 7,041
4-jlord/patchwork — 6,806
5-facebook/react-native — 6,250
6-Microsoft/vscode — 5,855
7-atom/atom — 5,745
8-FreeCodeCamp/FreeCodeCamp — 5,622
9-angular/material — 4,355
10new-microsoft-becomes-open-source-king-on-github-beats-facebook-and-google-angular/angular — 4,217

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