Android Studio 2.2 Is Now Available For Download With New Features


Android Studio is an application for Android development based on the popular open source Java IDE, IntelliJ. After Google added their touch of Android to the IntelliJ app to make Android Studio and release it under the Apache 2 open source license the IDE sky-rocketed among millions of developers worldwide.

The preview of Android Studio Version 2.2 was released long ago in May during Google’s I/O 2016 Developer Conference; now, this latest release is available to users.

This latest version focuses on three motifs — speed, smarts, and Android platform support. Users can use the new Layout Editor to easily create an app UI to be intuitive, faster, and smarter.

10 Features of Android Studio 2.2 Worth Noting:

  • New Layout Editor with efficient tools to support ConstraintLayout
  • Improvements in Instant Run
  • New Samples Browser to look up sample code from within Android Studio
  • New C/C++ integration with CMake and ndk-build
  • New Assistant window to integrate Firebase services into app
  • New Layout Inspector to examine the layout hierarchy while the app is running on emulator or device
  • IDE codebase base updated from IntelliJ 15 to IntelliJ 2016.1
  • Performance improvement with a new build cache
  • New APK Analyser for package inspection
  • New Espresso Test Recorder tool for creating customized UI tests

Because Android Studio is an open source project you can freely and easily grab its source code here.

If you are already running an Android Studio but an older version just check for updates from the navigation menu. Or visit the official download page to install a fresh copy of Android studio Windows, OS X, and/or Linux.

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