Good News, Emacs 25.1 Is Now Available for Download With New Features


For those who aren’t already familiar with Emacs, it is a libre text editor that comes straight out of the box with over 2,000 built-in commands which users can combine with macros to automate work; and GNU Emacs is the most popular Emacs variant ad the most greatly improved.

Emacs 25.1 is the latest major release of the text editor and it comes with a butt load of new features and changes since its last major version release, Emacs 24.1, in June 2012!

Xwidgets is one of the highlights of Emacs 25.1 release. It is an application with which users can embed GTK+ widgets inside Emacs buffers. An example of such a widget is WebKitGTK+ – a complete WebKit port that you can use to browse the internet and watch YouTube inside Emacs. For more helpful info on Xwidgets visit this Reddit thread.

More New Features in Emacs 25.1:

Emacs can now load the shared/dynamic modules (a shared library that provides additional functionality with which users can find use in Emacs Lisp programs). Support for character folding has also been added in isearch.el.


Along with the new Emacs 25.1 comes the experimental provision for Cairo drawing. With regards to security, the popular text editor now has a new Network Security Manager (NSM).

A new minor mode ‘electric-quote-mode’ for using curved quotes while typing and a new ‘switch-to-buffer-in-dedicated-window’ option to allow for more control over how ‘switch-to-buffer’ proceeds are also notable major additions/changes in Emacs 25.1.

Head over to the Emacs 25.1 change log for a detailed set of changes list. And you can grab the latest version from the main GNU FTP server.

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