Tor Browser 6.0.5 Now Available For Linux



The Tor Project has remained one the most successful means to guarantee anonymity on the internet despite the fact of its experience with minor bug cases every now and then i the form of security loopholes and administrative challenges, it .

The Tor Project just released Tor Browser 6.0.5 filled with lots of improvements. The security-focused browsing software has a portable version that you can run off a USB flash drive to further ensure anonymity and it is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X

One of the major updates this new version has received is the security fix for the newly published extension vulnerability – a loophole through which a hacker can obtain valid certificates for in order to imitate Mozilla’s servers to his advantage. And although such a feat is not an easy task, national agencies might just be able to pull it off.

Mozilla is scheduled to release Firefox 49 on the 20th of September along with this patch, but till then, we advice that Firefox users disable their automatic add-on updates.

Tor Browser 6.0.5 also comes with a fresh Tor stable version and an updated HTTPS-Everywhere.

The Project is working to have all builds that will be released to alpha/stable channel users within the week.

Changelog for Tor Browser 6.0.5:

  • Added support for unpacked HTTPS Everywhere
  • Firefox updated to Firefox 45.4.0esr
  • HTTPS-Everywhere updated to 5.2.4
  • Go upgraded to 1.4.3
  • Rotate ports for default obfs4 bridges
  • Tor updated to
  • Torbutton updated to

You can head over to the Tor Project’s blog for more information and you can get the download links on Tor distribution directory.

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