Linux Mint might have successfully made its mark as the ideal minty-green Linux distro but it is still lacking in the design department.

Cinnamon desktop for example, after gaining so much critical acclaim over the years has just gotten a logo of its own. That’s right – you no longer need to see the image of Cinnamon spices.



Clem claims to have formed, a new team of 8 people dedicated to the design, artwork, and styling of the Linux Mint project. The team will be focusing on the new logos and website design of Cinnamon Spices website i.e. the website that is dedicated to icons, extensions, themes etc for the Cinnamon desktop environment – indeed, a redesign is needed.

As the year 2016 comes to an end, a revamped version of website has been proposed and it would look like this:


Another change different from the facelift the Cinnamon Spices website will receive is the filter feature, which will categorize all the old and broken themes. There is also the possibility of a compatibility feature which would let users know which themes or extension work with which versions of Cinnamon.

This is a wonderful idea that the Linux Mint team has decided to actualize it. What do you think about their decision – yay or nay? Drop your feedback in the comments section below.

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