Hurray! Ubuntu Phone Now Has a Native App for Photo Editing


Good news guys, Ubuntu Phone finally has a photo editing app.

And although the app is in early alpha quality, Instant FX for Ubuntu already has an impressive look.

InstantFX is clearly styled around Android & iOS app’s editing interface for Instagram. It can import images via the Ubuntu content picker which means users can open the app, take and edit a photo taken with the camera immediately!

You can also edit all the images available in your gallery.

The app offers a cropping mode once a photo has been imported into it. After choosing one of the 8 cropping modes (including 1:1, 16:9 and original size) you can get straight to editing.


The editing app features a handful of filter presets which are all easily applicable and editable. Presently, the various image editing effects are:

  • Adjust (working)
  • Brightness (not working)
  • Contrast (not working)
  • Lux (working)
  • Highlights (not working)
  • Saturation (not working)
  • Shadows (not working)
  • Temperature (not working)
  • Vignette (working)
  • Sharpen (not working)

All the filters and effects are contained in a horizontal, swipeable second panel beneath a sufficiently sized preview window which is actively updated you tap and toggle through the various effects options.

It’s not a perfect photo editing tool yet but we appreciate that the Ubuntu phone guys are working on something and it features filter options that we are already familiar with, thanks to Instagram.

Do you like the sound of this new app? Go ahead and view Instant FX on uappexplorer.

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