In this era of internet, managing bookmarks is one of the tasks that we all need. Today, we’re going to introduce a new command-line utility for managing bookmarks – Buku.


Buku, developed by Arun Prakash Jana, is a flexible command-line bookmark management utility – the same guy who provided us with the tool with which we can use Google in the Linux terminal: Googler.

Arun developed Buku because he needed an efficient command-line solution for his bookmark management needs and he did an impressive job.


To run Buku you will need to be running python version 3.3 or later. Use the following command to checking what your python version is:

python3 --version

Next, install the required dependencies:

sudo apt-get install python3-cryptography python3-bs4

Finally, install Buku with the following commands:

cd /tmp
git clone
cd Buku
sudo make install
cd auto-completion/bash/
sudo cp buku-completion.bash /etc/bash_completion.d/

Completed? You’re all set!


The easy-to-use bookmark managing app supports all the basic bookmarking tasks, like – add, delete, tag, comment, search, update etc, and even features extra task options. You can look up the Buku manual page for various examples by running the following command:

man buku

Here are some of the cherry-on-top features of Buku:

Bookmarks Title Fetching: You can use Buku to automatically fetch bookmark titles from the web. And you can also refresh the list containing all the of them with this single command:

buku --update

Encryption: This is one of Buku’s attractive features. You can use its built-in encryption mechanism which uses an AES 256 bit encryption algorithm to encrypt you bookmark database with this command:

buku --lock

Just enter a password to encrypt the database and protect it from anyone looking through your data. When you want to decrypt it, use the following command:

buku --unlock

Import/Export: Buku has the ability to export and bookmarks to and from exported Firefox/Chrome/IE HTML files respectively.

Merge-able Database: Buku allows you to grab database files from one device and merge it with others in the database on other devices seamlessly.

For most of us, the bookmark manager our web browsers provide us is enough. But we suppose there are scenarios in which Buku will be a better option:

  • If you are an enthusiastic terminal user.
  • If you take you bookmark security seriously.
  • If you use a browser lacking bookmark sync capability but don’t want to use third-party browser extensions.

Anyways, Buku offers an efficient bookmark managing alternative and that’s a good thing.

What do you think about Buku? Is it an unnecessary app or do you think our scenarios are excellent examples? Leave your comments below.

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