Introducing Harmony: An iTunes-Inspired Music Player for Linux



Harmony is an eye candy desktop music player that handles both regular music files and online streaming services just like Spotify would, and it is available for Windows, Mac & Linux.

Just like many applications flooding the app store market right now, this is one built using the Electron development framework and it has the famous iTunesto thank for inspiration for its look and layout.

It is a decent app that creates an open-source cross-platform music player which integrates with a handful of online streaming services.



Because of the Spotify API that the app uses users will not be able to peruse through the full catalog of songs. You will be able to search, filter and play tracks in your personal playlists but you will only be accessing their metadata from your Spotify account. The actual music streaming will be done from YouTube.

Its SoundCloud integration initially had bugs but they seem to have all been fixed and the app is working just as well as with Spotify. Harmony is still in beta stage (version 0.2.x) and it has a good number of features which are as follows:

Harmony 0.2.x (beta) Features

  • scrobbling
  • Play tracks from SoundCloud & Spotify
  • Keyboard controls
  • Play local music tracks
  • Native desktop notifications on track change
  • Optional ‘coverflow’ interface (beta)
  • Ubuntu sound menu integration

The sleek Harmony also has a variety of simple shortcuts for controlling playback as log as the app is in focusand they are as follows:

  • Space  – Play/Pause
  • N or Ctrl + Right – Next track
  • P or Ctrl + Left  – Prev track
  • L – Like track (LastFM)
  • Ctrl + F – Search

If you will like to give the app a test drive the app you can download the latest version for Ubuntu from the project’s GitHub page.

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