Tails 2.6 Is Now Available With An Updated Kernel And Tor

If you are not already familiar with Tails, it is a Linux distro with the aim of providing users with anonymity – it, therefore, focuses heavily n security. The Debian-based live Linux distro forces all outgoing connections to pass through Tor, thereby helping users to avert censorship. It also comes with pre-configured tools for email, image editing, office work, sound editor, IM client etc.

The Tails development team the latest version of Tails Live CD Linux OS, Tails 2.6, bringing tons of new features, security fixes, and updated components. The Tails development team advises that users update to the latest version as quickly as they can due to numerous bug fixes and security advisories as given by Debian and Mozilla.

Changes and New Features in Tails 2.6

ASLR (Address Space Layout Randomization) is one of the major additions in Tails 2.6 in the Linux kernel. It is a computer security technique that solidifies security from buffer overflow attacks by randomly arranging the address space positions of key data areas.


Updated Packages

The Tails 2.6 Live CD Linux OS comes with tons of package upgrades including Tor and the recently released Tor Browser 6.0.5. Other upgraded packages are Tor Birdy 0.2.0, Icedove 45.2.0, and Electrum 2.6.4.

Based on Linux 4.6 (which will improve support for more recent hardware), this latest version also includes firmware for Intel SST sound cards and Texas Instruments Wi-Fi interfaces.


Getting Tails 2.6

You can take advantage of the automatic upgrade available if you are already running Tails 2.5. If you will be fresh installing the OS then you can get the image from the Tails 2.6 Download page.

Tails 2.7 has been scheduled to arrive in the month of November. Stay tuned to Ubuntu Next for official news on that release too.

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