The Official Linux App For Spotify Can Now Open Spotify URLs Again


The official Spotify desktop app has been released, pushing the version number to v1.0.37. th enew update features just one notable Linux-specific fix which is support for opening albums, artists and tracks via Spotify URLs.

Official Client, But Still Not Supported Officially

There remains a lot of confusion concerning the status of the official Spotify Linux app and really, we don’t see why.

The “tl;dr” is that the Spotify application for Windows, macOS, and Linux all share a broad bulk of their codebase. Meaning that when the Windows and Mac versions are updated so also is the Linux version.

However, if a change affects or breaks the Linux app, it doesn’t stop the release of the Windows or Mac versions, and the client is just left unattended to until the issues have been fixed. And because the Linux version is no longer under any active development it always takes ages to get a fix and eventually, a new release.

Whatever bugs specific to the Linux app that get fixed are as a result of the work of an employee at Spotify (probably during his free time), and the same is true for new features that come to the app.

When we say Spotify is no longer officially supported on Linux we say so because the fixes and improvements that come to it are not consistent – Spotify will argue that the app never left ‘preview’ status but that hasn’t stopped new versions from being released on Linux every now and then.

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