Have You Seen The New Ubuntu 16.10 Default Wallpaper?

Ubuntu 16.10’s default wallpaper has finally been revealed as is the tradition for a new desktop background to accompany each new stable release of Ubuntu.

The Yakkety Yak (Ubuntu 16.10) which will be due in October comes with a wallpaper which is pretty much an iteration of the preceding release’s design rather than a renovation. The wallpaper is a lighter, brighter riff of Ubuntu’s 16.04 backdrop.

So, the angular, geometric accents are still present, but the most prominent aspect of this redesign is the orange gradient which dominates the drape. This is one of the brightest default wallpapers Ubuntu has had for a while now.


Downloading Ubuntu 16.10 Wallpaper

To download a high-res version of the new Ubuntu 16.10 wallpaper hit this link. It is a large file with a size of 4.2MB. You can also get the phone sized versions and the now-traditional greyscale version of the wallpaper from there.

Are you impressed with the new design or you will get rid of it as soon as your Ubuntu 16.10 installation is complete? Let us know i the comments section below.

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