There’s A New Stable Release of Open-Source Network Analyzer, Wireshark 2.2



There is now a new stable release of nifty network sniffing tool, Wireshark, available for download. Wireshark was among the tools that were used to inspect packets/searches throughputting to and from the Unity Dash.

Whether your task is tracking down a network issue or just keeping an eye on what the apps you use send, especially to whom, Wireshark is the go-to tool for that.

Wireshark 2.2 comes filled with features which are brand new, improved features or major bug fixes. they include:

  • ‘Decode As’ support, mimics TShark functionality
  • Improved protocol support
  • Conversations, Endpoints dialogs more responsive when viewing large numbers of items
  • proto_tree_add_checksum was added as an API
  • Packets can be exported as JSON
  • Packet bytes can be displayed as EBCDIC
  • RTP player now allows up to 30 minutes of silence frames.
  • New File format decoding

Getting Wireshark 2.2

Ubuntu offers support for older stable releases of the nifty network protocol analyzer in its archives and you can find and install them using the Ubuntu Software tool.

You can find the download links for the latest stable release together with more information on it on the website.

Wireshark PPA

You will find the latest stable release in the official Wireshark developer’s PPA. Run the following command in a new Terminal window to add its PPA to Ubuntu’s Software Sources:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:wireshark-dev/stable

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