Apparently, Ubuntu Torrent Is ‘Infringing’ The Transformers Movie

The latest news about Ubuntu 12.04 LTS is that it is infringing on the copyright of Hollywood blockbuster, ‘Transformers: Age of Extinction’. At least, that’s what those on the look out for piracy on behalf of Hollywood movie studio, Paramount, seem to think,

Ubuntu Torrent Removed in DMCA Takedown


TorrentFreak is the guy who spotted the innocuous link to a 32-bit alternate iso image for Ubuntu 12.04.2 LTS as it was cited in a DMCA takedown request filed against Google on behalf of Paramount Pictures.

The request seeks to remove links to a number of torrent URLS that are alleged to infringe on Paramount movie ‘Transformers: Age of Extinction‘. Why this mixup happened is a mystery because Ubuntu clearly doesn’t infringe o anything. What the URL directs to is a stock iso of an old Ubuntu release.

Nevertheless, Google has responded positively to the request and taken the link off their engine’s index. we are sure that Google will put it back up,however, because this is just a case of a false positive.

Looking on the bright side, it is only a single URL that is affected by this notice and it is one pointing to an old version of Ubuntu.

Paramount’s piracy-hunting team who flagged the harmless URL needs to be more accurate next time by paying better attention to the tools they employ in issuing automated DMCA notices.

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