Have You Seen the Official Artwork For Ubuntu 16.10 ‘s Animal?

You’re looking at it right now. Slick -isn’t it?

yak-motifIn the tradition of previous Ubuntu mascot logos, the official ‘Yak’ logo will be on posters, social media posts and officially released t-shirts as a means to promote Ubuntu 16.10 during its last stages of development.



The Yak motif is made of layered geometric shapes arranged in an origami pattern just like all the logos in the Suru era.

The logo appears in an update to the Ubiquity installer slideshow package in 16.10 and it will get to appear on the installer slideshow during every new Ubuntu installation – so you should see it whenever you’re making a fresh install.

What do you think about the Yakkety logo? Would you have done it some way else if the job was left to you? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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