Space Shooting Game, ‘Everspace’ Will Be Going To Linux

This is good news guys -especially for Linux users in love with space games.

The game has been pitched as a “new breed of space shooter combining rogue-like elements with AAA visuals, non-linear storytelling and VR Support” as it makes its way onto Steam on Windows and MacOS.

A press release reads that “Linux support under OpenGL 4.0 will be added with the first patch planned for the end of the month”.

See a brief of the game in the video below.

The game is now expected to arrive earlier than expected after being backed by a successful Kickstarter campaign in which it accumulated a whole lot more than its €225,000 goal, bagging a total of €420,252 in pledges. 

According to the team, there will be additional ships, a full voice acted soundtrack, and other technical improvements before the official public launch of the game early next year.

“We have been working closely with our fans since our Kickstarter in August 2015 and we are super excited to eventually launch Everspace through Steam and”

The CEO and co-founder of Rockfish Games (the development company behind the game), Michael Schade had to say: “[These new builds come] with over 300 new features, tweaks and bug fixes, largely based on community feedback since the initial Alpha release and we look forward to keep working closely with our fans to make Everspace as exciting and long-lasting as we can.“

Right now, the game is available to buy through Steam Early Access and for the Windows and macOS platform priced at $29.99/€27.99/£22.99.

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