See How To Open Files Faster On Ubuntu With Bookmarks Indicator



Bookmarks indicator available on Ubuntu that enables Ubuntu users access files and folders from within their status bar. It is written in python and is, therefore, no baffling a fact that it is swift in its execution.

Downloading Bookmarks Indicator

Presently, there isn;t any installer available for this nifty app but hey, don’t throw your hands in the air just yet -it’s a simple app to set up and run.

Firstly, download Indicator Bookmarks source from GitHub.

Next up, extract the folder when the download is complete and double-click to navigate inside.

Open the  config file in any text editor of your choice and edit/add all the paths to all the folders/files you want so as to make them accessible through the indicator menu, putting one per line.

Add --- where/if you want a menu separator to appear in the menu, like so:


Hit save.

Lastly, open a new Terminal window and cd into the extracted folder to run the indicator like so:

cd ~/Downloads/bookmarks-indicator-master

You are at liberty to customize the applet further via the following command-line flags:

 -i COLOR    icon color (default: '#010101')
 -c CONFIG   config file path (default: '<script-path>/config')
 -l LABEL    indicator label (default: '')

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