See What’s New in The Newly Released Firefox 49


Mozilla’s Firefox has recently received a ton of anticipated updates, bug fixes, and improvements.

One of these improvements is Firefox 49 shipping with native support for the Widevine CDM on Linux -a support that will enable users to watch Netflix (and any other DRM-protected HTML5 video content) without cumbersome hacks and/or workarounds.

Firefox Hello and Multiprocessing

Firefox’s miserably overlooked WebRTC chat feature, Firefox Hello has finally been removed as expected. So, if you would want to keep the chat feature then you will just have to hold off installing any new upgrades.

Mozilla’s new ‘e10’ multi-process architecture is now available to a wider set of Firefox users after this update and the development team promises it will improve security and performance, with gains in page rendering as high as 700% over non-e10 enabled browsers.

The Firefox ‘Reader mode’ has also received improvements in this latest release. Users can now adjust the width and line spacing of articles in read more, and they can click on the new ‘Narrate‘ icon to have articles read out loud.

Also, HTML5 audio and video elements boast two new options: play at 1.25x speed and loop playback –all aditions that video enthusiasts will find comfortably cool.

Downloading Firefox 49

If you already have a Firefox browser then just be patient and wait for an update to arrive at your doorstep, else you can download Firefox 49 from the official Mozilla Firefox website.

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