What Are The Best New Features The Ubuntu Touch OTA-13 Has?


The latest Ubuntu Touch OS is now available to all commercially released Ubuntu devices and the M10 Ubuntu Tablet and the Meizu PRO 5 smartphone are not excluded.

And even though the Ubuntu phone platform remains kinda off the mark in comparison to Android smartphones, this latest update brings fixes that might just put the device in the battle ring.update

What’s New?

  • Improved Updates Panel
    Updates now show a history of users’ most recent app updates and adds a toggle button to show a changelog (as far as there is a supplied one).
  • Copy & Paste Between Legacy and Mobile App
    The Bq M10 Ubuntu Tablet now supports copying and pasting between legacy apps (e.g. the pre-installed Firefox and LibreOffice apps) and the new-fangled mobile ones (e.g. the Ubuntu browser and the Terminal).
  • New Notifications Panel
    The Ubuntu OTA-13 introduces refined notification settings with which you can choose on a per-app basis the app alerts and their nature.

Are you happy about the nnew changes that the Ubuntu Phone has received? There are more of them so expect more articles soon. Till then, stay tuned to Ubuntu Next.

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