An updated version of the open-source desktop Twitter client Corebird is available for download.


Twitter holds that the new so-called “expanded tweets” do not include media attachments (photos, GIFs, videos, and polls) when measuring the 140-character limit. It also says mentions a plan to exclude usernames in replies from the character count as well. However, there isn’t any announcement on when such changes will be actualized.

Anyway, Corebird 1.3.2 is the second bug-fix release since the release of Corebird 1.3 back in July. It comes fresh with support for Twitter’s newer, longer tweets.


This Corebird update fixes a problem with malformed media URL among other bugs, some of which include:

  • Fix muted and/or blocked tweets still showing up in timelines
  • Fix accounts not getting saved when first created
  • Fix retweets of the authenticating user not getting their correct seen status
  • Fix profiles descriptions containing ampersand characters and links
  • Fix profile banner fade-in transition
  • Fix doubly-escaped ampersands in link tooltips
  • Fix missing underlines in @screen_names in the profile popover

Downloading Corebird 1.3.2

You can download Corebird1.3.2 installers for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS from Panda Jim’s PPA for the 64-bit and 32-bit versions.

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