Check Out These 2 Newly Updated Eye Candy Icon Themes for Your Linux

You probably haven’t heard of these cool theme packs before so we will just go straight to the point:

Uniform Icon Theme


This is a colorfully splodgey-shaped icon theme set and it is receiving its first major update after about 4 months. It is an unofficial continuation of the Uniform icon theme which was created by deviant artist  ~0rAX0.

Although the Uniform+ theme is unofficial it receives regular updates and adds a ton of new app icons after every single update.

Its latest update (available to download from Yandex Drive)  is said to have added over 1,000 new icons! So if you fancy changing the look of your system and are worried your app icons will not be supported that shouldn’t be your worry any longer.

It is quite heavy at 80MB and when you get it don’t forget to pay attention to the issues listed on the page.

Abridged Icon Theme


This one will definitely appeal to fans of the KDE Breeze icon set. It is called Abridged because it is a direct fork of Breeze, having been forked from the original because the designer wasn’t sure about “the direction for mime types breeze has taken.”

The theme is light, and boasts the modern flat look minimalistic design enthusiasts appreciate. It has support for most of the major applications and the icons’ folded-corner mime types are just as colorful as they are cute.

You can download the latest version of Abridged from the

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