Get These 3 Awesome Themes For The Linux Dock App -Plank


Plank is a customizable desktop dock for Linux. It has suport for Unity quick lists, ‘unread counts’, and hover effects;  it also has support for a small set of of “dockets” with which you can easily pin and rearrange dock items without the need to edit a config file.

Oh, and it is easily themable. Below are 3 Stylish Plank Themes you can try:








Downloading & Installing Plank Themes

Github user Ken Harkey uploaded this set of Plank themes to Github and you can get them from there.

Download the .zip to your home folder and after extracting it, enter the extracted folder and copythe three theme folders: ‘anti-shade‘, ‘shade‘, and ‘paperterial‘.

Head to your Home folder and press Ctrl + H to toggle on hidden folders.Navigate to the directory .local/share/plank/themes and paste the folders you copied earlier in to this directory.


Voila! take them for a test run by right-clicking on an empty area of your Plank dock, select ‘Preferences’, and select the theme you want to use.


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