Newly Released MATE Desktop 1.6 Receives Improved GTK3 Support

A new version of the MATE desktop is now available for download.


MATE Desktop 1.16 focuses on “improving GTK3+ compatibility, migrating components to newer libraries, fixing bugs and code hygiene, together with an improved GTK3+ support across the MATE desktop.

The MATE Terminal and the Engrampa file archive utility (among other applications) are built solely against GTK3+.

The Caja file manager, Eye of MATE image viewer, and Atril document tool have also benefited from this new set of bug fixes.

Installing MATE Desktop 1.6

The MATE Desktop versions 1.16 is available to download now and Ubuntu MATE 16.10 will be the first Linux distro to feature a full GTK3+ implementation of MATE when it is due in October.

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