See How to Make Ubuntu Announce the Time Every Hour

Sometimes we wish we could hear our computer tell us the time in a smooth soft voice. One that will be handy and yet passive enough to help maintain focus and avoid spending too much time procrastinating.

Sure, one can easily look at the top corner but that will require one to look -something I wouldn’t want to do if I am engrossed in my typing.


Enabling a Talking Clock on Ubuntu

There is a script that can do just that -it’s called the ‘Talking Clock‘, and it is a simple bash script which you can run from your terminal.

With the talking clock you can make it speak the time out loud at interval(s), however, you wouldn’t have the option of picking from a variety of human-sounding voices like in macOS.

You can use ‘talking-clock’ to make Linux’s default computerized voice to announce the time every hour, thirty minutes, fifteen minutes, or five minutes.

All you have to do is set the option you want when running it via the -t command followed by either the 5, 15 or 30 and entering into the script the -s flag to stop the announcements. Talking Clock announces hourly by default.

Would you like to test the script out for yourself? Download the Talking Clock on Github.

To use it first, extract the archive. Next, navigate to the ‘source’ folder from the command line and run the ‘talking-clock’ script.

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