Spotify Web Player for Linux Receives Media Key Support and Improved Customization

As we all know, there is a new version of Spotify Web Player for Linux that integrates the web-based version of the music streaming site with your Linux desktop that is available to download.


This latest release is a v1.0 stable release which makes it a milestone release and therefore, note-worthy.

The app now benefits from some a handful of welcome bug fixes some of which including keyboard media support and customizable indicator icons, among others.


Other changes include:

  • Application performance improvements
  • Improved notification behaviour
  • Mix-&-Match tray icons
  • Options to Clean lyricCache and albumCache
  • New update button to be notified when an update is available
  • Uses a generic icon/supports icon themes
  • D-Bus Media Key support
  • ‘Close to Controller’ option
  • ‘Hide application menu’ option
  • App now remembers last played track/station/album between sessions

Downloading Spotify Web Player for Linux v1.0

As usual, you can head over to GitHub to download the Spotify Web Player for Linux v1.0 for Ubuntu.

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