The Newly Released Flowblade 1.8 Supports Clip Snapping and Keyboard Trimming


The open-source Flowblade 1.8 comes with a handful of major improvements of which clips trimming capability using the arrow keys on your keyboard is one.

According to the Flowblade team, t his way of working feels “more convenient and precise [than] always working with a mouse”.

Other Changes/Fixes in Flowblade 1.8:

  • Clips/compositors now snap to clip ends on adjacent tracks
  • Clips now show media thumbnails
  • Play/pause toggle using a single button
  • Titler remembers last ‘save’ directory
  • Improved monitor control icons
  • Resync a selected clip/compositor by pressing keyboard shortcut ‘R’
  • Various other bug fixes
  • Node tool removed

Why Was The Node Tool Dropped?

The team was going to introduce a node compositor tool with this release but had it ‘dropped in final stages of development’ because it might not catch onto casual editors and the already advanced users have the more advanced node-based software e.g. Blender.

You can get a full changelog for this release on the project’s GitHub page.

Downloading Flowblade 1.8

Flowblade 1.8 is available to download and install on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and Mint 18.

Make sure you go over all the installation notes for Ubuntu as you might be required to exercise a couple of workarounds.

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