Watch The Bq M10 Ubuntu Tablet Running OTA-13

Ubuntu OTA-13 rolled out at the beginning of the week with a good number of handy new features in tow.

One of the new changes is the much expected ‘copy and paste’ support between native Ubuntu Touch apps and legacy Ubuntu apps.

Popescu Sorin, an Ubuntu Phone fan uploaded a short video showing how the copy/paste feature between native Mir apps and XMir apps work in this latest release.

Obviously process of copy/paste itself isn’t that interesting: a tap here, a tap there, and then another tap elsewhere.

But seeing in context of the rest of the “convergent” tablet experience is useful.

The Bq M10 Ubuntu Edition tablet is presently the only commercially available Ubuntu device on sale so you might just buy one.

Popescu Sorin also uploaded a more general video in which he “plays around” with the tablet’s latest update as he demos a few of the apps and games that can be used on Ubuntu Touch.

Mind you that these videos are not rehearsed so try to manage the quality of the walkthrough.

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