Were You Invited to the UK GNOME Release Party?

The 23rd of September was a fun day for UK residents, especially those in (or t least near) Manchester who are fans of the GNOME desktop because that is the day onn which the GNOME release party was held.

The GNOME release party took place in celebration of the newly released GNOME 3.22 which rolled out on the 21st of September at the MADLab HQ in Manchester’s Northern Quarter.

The venue was a few minutes walk away from the Arndale Shopping Centre -not too far from Manchester’s main train stations.

Before the party, Sam Thursfield (GNOME developer) said the party was to start at 6PM and end at 9PM and promised that attendees can will have “free refreshments, an overview of the new features in 3.22, advice on how install a free desktop OS on your computer and how contribute to GNOME or a related Free Software project.”

So, were you at the party? How did things go? Share your experience with us in the comments section.

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