See How To Easily Paste Your Frequently Used Texts With Textlines Indicator


Many of us have them blocks of text we use regularly. Whether they are ASCII artwork or long terminal commands, there is now an easy way to copy and paste frequently used text snippets into other apps. That way is Textlines Indicator.
Easily Find & Quickly Paste Text

Textlines Indicator is a small indicator applet available for the Ubuntu Unity desktop with which you can easily locate and quickly copy small snippets of ready-to-paste text in other apps.

It looks a little like a clipboard manager but it does not have a clipboard history so don’t expect to see a list of your most recently copied commands, snippets or files.

Rather, what happens is you decide which text snippets are shown by creating a small text file in your home folder and stashing any texts or ASCII code snippets you want in there.

When you need to copy and paste one, anywhere click the icon in the menu bar to see a list of the text snippets. Click on the one you want and then paste it into any other window.

Get Textlines Indicator

Download the utility from Github and when it is done downloading, launch the applet by entering the extracted folder in a Terminal and runningpython

The applet “looks for a file ~/.textlines that contains lines of text you often use. It shows the lines in an indicator menu.” Clicking a line will add it to the clipboard, ready to Ctrl+V .”

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