You Can Now View Screenshots of Snap Apps on Ubuntu Software


This isn’t much of a big deal for a change but it sure will help set Snap apps apart from the other apps available in the Ubuntu Software store.

Snap apps are already available to install on both Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and Ubuntu 16.10 from the Ubuntu Software app. And since there is no way to randomly search for a Snap app, one needs to know the specific Snap app in demand before you can find it.

To make matters worse, it is just now Snap apps are able to display application screenshots thanks to this new update fix expected to land in an upcoming software update. Once the update is installed Ubuntu Software will be able to show app screenshots when available for Snap apps, thereby making it easier to confirm apps.

There aren’t that many available desktop Snap apps so they are still behind competing Linux distribution methods. Flatpak (which  already provides access to the entire GNOME core app stack) and AppImage, together with some third-party apps, including GIMP & LibreOffice).

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