Introducing Ramme; an Open-Source Instagram App for Linux Desktop

Ramme is a free, open-source and cross-platform desktop Instagram app that is built using Electron and it offers all the features Instagram for web does.


You can use it to view and browse your Instagram feed, like photos, comment, and reply other users. You can click to follow hashtags all within the app.


The app implements responsive design which gives Ramme its good look regardless of how you resize.


Ramme poses a few features of its own, including an optional dark mode, responsive design, and an extensive set of keyboard shortcuts:

  • Dark mode: Ctrl + D
  • Refresh: Ctrl + R
  • Go Back: Ctrl + 1
  • Discover: Ctrl + 2
  • Notifications: Ctrl + 3
  • Profile: Ctrl + 4
  • Scroll post up: Shift + Up
  • Scroll post down: Shift + Down

Due to Instagram’s API restrictions, no, you cannot upload photos using Ramme so for that you will have to wait for Instagraph (which uses a reversed engineered upload API) to be available for the desktop.

Ramme is planned to receive future features of which video/photo downloading, photo zooming, support for Instagram stories, desktop notifications and photo uploading are included.

Downloading Ramme for Linux

Remember that Ramme is a free, cross-platform, and open-source. You can download Linux binaries from the project’s Github page.

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