Float YouTube Videos With The Yout App for The Linux Desktop



Are you in search of a tidy method to play YouTube playlists on your desktop and outside your browser? We’ve got a new app for you then; Yout.

It’s an Electron app with which you can add and watch YouTube playlists on your desktop making use of floating window features.

The downside to Yout is that it might not be as user-friendly as you will expect. You would be quite startled on how to add a playlist the first time you run the app, but other than that, you will enjoy the app when you get the hang of it.

Adding playlists is actually an easy task. Just click the small pad & pencil icon, type in a name for your playlist, and paste in the corresponding YouTube playlist URL from your web browser, and voila!


The player UI itself is fully responsive, and it also has a quick window shortcut to quickly resize it to a super compact mode.

The maximum of playlists you can add is 8, while the total number of videos in each playlist can be …well, whatever YouTube’s maximum playlist number is!

It is so simple to switching between multiple playlists: just hover over the player window to reveal the User Interface and then click on the appropriately named tab, like so:


Visit the official Yout Player website to learn more about the app. As you grab a download copy for yourself don’t forget to donate to its developer if you can. The app is available in both English and Portuguese.

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