Q4OS 1.6.2 ‘Orion’ Linux Distro Has Just Been Released


Not too long ago the Q4OS development team released significant Q4OS 1.6 ‘Orion’ heavily packed with multiple improvements, arriving with the Trinity R14.0.3 stable version.


The default desktop looks slightly changed in this 1.6 release. The Q4OS ‘Bourbon’ start menu reminds us of Windows XP with a polished task bar. There’s also a new ‘software to install’ list in the Native Desktop profiler tool,

Now, the second maintenance update has been released in the form of Q4OS 1.6.2 ‘Orion’ which brings an improved experience to the previous version along with a hand full of bug fixes. This version is also based on Debian GNU/Linux 8.5 ‘jessie’. It also contains fixes to the issues that users reported together with the latest software versions that were released since the 28th of August, 2016. You can read the notes by Softpedia’s Marius Nestor to know more.

Installing the Q4OS — Live CD, Raspberry Pi Image, ARM port

The Q4OS Linux distro has many installation options available in order to allow for an easy transition for new beginners. So, if you want to install the OS on your computer you are free to download the installation ISO available in 32-bit and 64-bit formats.

The OS requires a minimum of Pentium 300MHz CPU, 128MB RAM, and 3GB storage space. If all you want to do is test it then you are also at liberty to download and use the Live CD.

That’s not all -you can also freely download the Q4OS ‘RPi’ port and test drive it on your Raspberry Pi single board computer. The Q4OS ‘armhf’ port provides an option to experience the OS on a wide range of ARM processor-equipped hardware.

You can find all the necessary download links on the official Q4OS website.

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