The Spotify Web Player for Linux Offers The Best Spotify Experience on Ubuntu



Spotify Web Player for Linux is an app built by Matthew James and is currently in alpha.

It is an Electron app wrapping the official Spotify for Web player which launched back in 2012 into a clean desktop box and still, it offers such an experience that makes it arguably the first in it’s lane.

Of course, you can just load Spotify’s web player in a new browser tab of yours and stream music from there but you wouldn’t get any:

  • Desktop notifications
  • Optional light theme
  • D-Bus/MPRIS support (i.e., Ubuntu Sound Menu)
  • Unity quicklist controls
  • Search shortcut Ctrl+S
  • Indicator applet with Play, Previous, Next, etc. controls
  • Settings to hide parts of the main interface
  • Lyrics integration
  • Close To Tray (Minimize To Tray without the Tray Icon)
  • Set app to open on startup (including start hidden)

D-Bus/MPRIS control is a feature that has just been recently added to offer music player controls, desktop notifications, and other similar features.

Users are at liberty to tweak a wide range of configuration options tailor their app experience, e.g. granular control over the times you want to see desktop notifications, and what for; how the app should behave based on whether it is set to open at login (shown or hidden), and the system tray can be disabled – for those who don’t like the clutter.

The interface tweaks are worthy of praise in their on right, and the now included light theme is a nice touch as you can see below:


The links in the sidebar can be removed if you want the same way you can remove the ‘radio’ and ‘follow’ links; just choose what you want in the Preferences panel.



The official Spotify desktop app lost its built-in lyrics feature a couple of months ago as Spotify’s deal with MusixMatch came to an end but the Spotify Web Player for Linux has that covered. When listening to a track you want to see lyrics to just hit the ‘Sing!’ button in the sidebar. Since the lyrics are cached to economize bandwidth, you can find them later in ~/.spotifywebplayer/LyricsCache).

Installing Spotify Web Player for Linux on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

Go ahead and download the latest alpha release from the GitHub project page.

Matthew James, the developer, cautions that “this isn’t production-ready but since most people who have looked at my application are helpful and quite techy, I have been able to make significant progress – partly why I love Open Source. Some bugs are present at this stage but this is always the case.

So if you would like to help fix the broken dbus issues on 64-bit Ubuntu, or any other bugs that yo take interest in the you can get involved via the project’s GitHub page.

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