Ubuntu MATE 16.10 Now Runs MATE Desktop 1.16



You can see the latest MATE Desktop 1.16 release running on the Ubuntu MATE 16.10 in the picture above.

And despite the little uncertainty we had last month, we are sure that Ubuntu MATE 16.10 will ship with the MATE Desktop 1.16. In fact, at the moment, all the relevant desktop packages and app updates are already available in the archives for Ubuntu 16.10. The version of MATE in Yakkety is built against GTK3.

LTS Users have not been left out

If you are a users of the Ubuntu MATE 16.04 LTS you shouldn’t feel bad at all because as Martin Wimpress, MATE supremo (and now Canonical employee) says, he is “working on a build of MATE Desktop 1.16 for Xenial. Providing everything passes testing without issue I hope to publish that to the xenial-mate PPA later this week or early next”. This MATE version will be largely based on GTK2.

As soon as the version is available on the PPA you can be rest assured that we will drop an installation guide – so stay tuned to Ubuntu Next for more premium news.

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