Experience All Of Ubuntu’s Previous Wallpapers At Once

This week is the one that will see the release of Ubuntu 16.10, so yeah, you can grab yourself a cup of coffee or two as you reminisce about previous releases.

You could decide to look through all the previous default wallpapers that have graced Ubuntu over the years from the very first release down to this week’s pending one – or, you could just set every Ubuntu wallpaper as your desktop background. How? You ask – via the Ubuntu Timeline wallpaper:


In this single desktop wallpaper contains the sum of Ubuntu’s release history, starting from the humble Warty Warthog through Ubuntu 15.10 (the wallpapers for 16.04 and 16.10 haven’t been added yet).

Irrespective of the pending update any user of this wallpaper is probably waiting for, it is a beautiful thing to see the progression in Ubuntu’s color palette, with the distinction between the era of earthy “human” hues and the dawn of “Ubuntu light” lain stark in the drape.

Right now, you can download the Ubuntu Timeline in a variety of sizes ranging from the vm-friendly 800×600 to the widescreen 1920×1200.

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