Finally! Skype for Linux Alpha Supports Video Calls – With A Catch

The Skype for Linux Alpha app has had a major turn off since its debut back in July: video calling. But in a new release on Monday, this problem has been taken care of; or so it seems.


Video Calling (Sort of) Works

The Skype team said in a short release post that “the team has been working hard on bringing video calls on Linux and today we have the experimental version ready for you”. But not as one would expect as 1-on-1 video calls only work between Skype for Linux Alpha users.

That means your aunt and uncle who run Skype for Windows won’t be able to express their joy for how quickly you have grown taller since they last saw you if you’re running the Linux alpha build.

The Skype team went on to add that “despite the early phase, we’d like to ask you, the Linux community, to help us with testing. Please let us know how the video works for you.”

You should know that all the older versions of Skype are now deprecated. So, if you are running any Skype for Linux Alpha client between version 1.1 and 1.6, you would be asked to update to the latest Skype version in order to continue using it.

You can download Skype for Linux (Alpha) for Ubuntu and install it alongside the regular Qt version since it is just the web version wrapped in a desktop shell.

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