Check Out Obama’s “Open Source” Facebook Messenger Bot On GitHub


The Facebook Messenger bot of the President of the U.S.A, Barack Obama, went live, two months ago, in August. The bot has the assigned task of interacting with people and receiving messages on the President’s behalf of the President. The messages are just like the paper letters Obama reads every day as this government chatbot serves on the Facebook page of the White House.

In a bid to progress their “meet the public where they are” mission, the White House announced that they’re open sourcing the Drupal Module for the President’s messenger bot with a hope that other governments and developers can take advantage of the technology.

In a blog post by the Chief Digital Officer of the White House, Jason Goldman said, “We are open-sourcing a Drupal module, complete with easy steps and boiler plate code. This will enable Drupal 8 developers to quickly launch a Facebook Messenger bot. We also left a few lines in the repository describing our hopes for the future of the code and encouraging members of the developer community to get involved”.

Go ahead and download the Drupal module from the White House’s GitHub repository.

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