Re-Releasing KDE 1 to Mark KDE’s 20th Birthday


That’s right! It was the KDE project’s 20th birthday and the KDE Restoration Project re-released KDE 1 as a gesture to mark the milestone.

In the image above is the last KDE 1 release running on a PC this year — not in a custom virtual machine or emulator but on real hardware. Think about Qt1, KDE 1.1.2 …on Linux Kernel 4.8.The entire (patched) codebase has been added to the KDE Git and has been ‘revamped’ to use cmake.

For more information on the KDE 1 port check out this blog post.

Meanwhile, somewhere else in the world of KDE, Lydia Pinscher has posted a nice celebratory article that highlights the project’s accomplishment in the free software community.

Pinscher reasons that “Free Software and KDE matters more [today] than ever before. Only through Free Software can people truly break out of the walled gardens technology is so often building these days and stand up to surveillance” in the post. She went on to add that “Free Software communities like KDE also matter because they bring the world closer together.

Our community is a truly global one. It is one that strives on mentoring people and letting them reach their true potential – be it as a programmer, artist, translator, community organizer, system administrator, tester or any of the hundreds of roles that make a community like KDE work”.

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