See How To Install The New Ubuntu 16.10 Yakkety Yak

We posted a news article on the release of the new Ubuntu 16.10 Yakkety Yak not long ago.

You can simply upgrade your currently installed version If you are already an Ubuntu Linux user by checking for updates in the Software & Updates via the Unity Dash, or performing the upgrade via the Command Line.

Getting down to business

If you are not familiar with the installation process you should not that installing Ubuntu isn’t a difficult task. Before we begin, make sure you have an Ubuntu DVD or a bootable image on a USB drive.

Now, as you’ll restart your computer, you’ll see a welcome screen asking you to select the language. The other options will be ‘Try Ubuntu’ and ‘Install Ubuntu’. Select your desired language and proceed with the Install Ubuntu option.


You will have the option to download updates while installing Ubuntu and installing third-party software for Wi-Fi, graphics etc on the next screen. Select these options and press the Continue button.


The next step involves the allocation of drive space. This option lets you install Ubuntu from the scratch by deleting any other pre-installed OS, install it alongside any other OS, or choose to create and resize partitions yourself.

If your plan is to erase the disk for a clean Ubuntu installation, select the first option and hit the Install Now button.


Select the continue option in the next screen and go ahead.


The next step involves selecting your location. Choose a correct time zone by simply typing in the name of your town or find it in the dropdown list and press continue.


The next option will be to tick your preferred keyboard layout. Select one–or click the Detect Keyboard Layout–and proceed.


Now sit back and relax as the installation process begins. It will take a while.


Almost there …


And we’re there.

Your installation process will be done in a few minutes and all you will need to do is restart your computer.


Here’s the first boot screen of Ubuntu 16.10 Yakkety Yak.


Login using your credentials and your are good to go! Enjoy Ubuntu 16.10 !


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