Should Linux Adopt “The Other Linux Logo” ?

What do you see whenever you look at the Linux mascot, Tux? A revolutionary project? A penguin? Or the need for a design update? Many people see all the above.

But jokes aside, there’s a new image we came across earlier today dubbed ‘The Other Tux Logo’. It’s apparently a modern reinterpretation of the famous penguin by designer Ecogex.


He (Ecogex) writes on The Other Linux Logo webpage that “The good old Tux logo is really cool, we love and use it. But a simple and efficient logo to identify Linux is missing. The Other Linux Logo is more icon-friendly and adapted to small sizes. Also, we want people to have the choice when it comes to picture the awesomeness of Linux”.

The Official Unofficial Linux Logo


The tux image we are all familiar with was created by Larry Ewing for a Linux Logo competition back in the mmid-1990s.

Technically, the Tux is the Linux mascot and not the Linux logo, but because of how synonymously it is used with the project, any attempts at making such distinction will be a waste of time.

The tux mascot (pictured above) has been in use since its creation in 1996. Both the black and white and color versions still exist, as well as a lesser used “line drawing”.

Here at Ubuntu Next we like the design. We see it as more than just a penguin because it is unique and has that intrinsic Linux feel.

Anyway, which Tux logo do you prefer? Are you on the side of users who want a redesign of the Linux mascot? Let us know in the comments section below.

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