Ubuntu is the world’s most widely used Linux distro and not too long ago, it turned 20. Such a long and wonderful journey.


We remember a time when Linux was a domain for only the geeks. 12 years later from 2004 when Mark Shuttleworth, a South African astronaut, started this project to make “Linux for human being” and Linux is arguably a household name

Ubuntu has been able to use the last 12 years to simplify the use of Linux with a good number of innovative implementations including easy-to-use graphical installers, App Stores, Wubi installer, etc. today we will give you 10 reasons Ubuntu is more awesome than many people think.

Here Are 10 Quick Facts Worth Noting

Note: the facts as listed in our list as not in a chronological order. It’s all about the facts today.

  1. Ubuntu follows a strict development schedule. A stable version is released every six months; in April and in October. Since forever it has kept to this schedule except with Ubuntu 6.06 which was released in June rather than in April. Read more about
  2. The world’s fastest supercomputer runs the Chinese version of Ubuntu. AND, Linux runs on 97% of supercomputers in the world.
  3. Ubuntu is a word used to describe an African philosophy with the simple saying, “I am what I am because of who we all are”. Its logo is a Circle of Friends represented by three people holding arms – further representing a community that supports each other.
  4. More than a handful of large enterprises like Uber and Lyft, use Ubuntu. And even Google has its own custom Ubuntu called Goobuntu.
  5. Ubuntu is the most used Operating System used on web servers.
  6. French Police transferred over 80,000 Windows desktops to Ubuntu and ended up saving over 2 million euros; the biggest Ubuntu desktop migration.
  7. Each Ubuntu release has a code name made up of two words starting with the same alphabet. These alphabets are incremented in each release. The first word of the code name is an adjective and the second word, an endangered species or a mythical character. Read more about Ubuntu release schedule, version name and codenames.
  8. Over 20% of the web runs on Ubuntu and according to Canonical, there are over a billion devices running Ubuntu.
  9. As per Distrowatch, there are more than 75 active Linux distros that are derived from on Ubuntu. You can read about some less known Ubuntu based Linux distributions.
  10. Ubuntu is presently the world’s most popular cloud Operating System.

Are there any awesome facts you think should have made the list? Feel free to put them down in the comments section.

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