Easily Manage Drives and Partitions on Ubuntu With Indicator Diskman



Indicator Diskman is a small panel-based indicator applet with which you can view and manage the mounted drives, volumes, partitions, and disc images on your machine.

Indicator Diskman was created by , whose other work includes Aptik, Conky Manager, and the Timeshift snapshot tool.

It has a utilitarian layout that is focused more on management and action than information display.

During the installation process, You can quickly carry out the following tasks thanks to the menu-based layout:

  • Lock/unlock encrypted drives/volumes/partitions
  • Mount/Unmount drives/volumes/partitions/ISO files
  • Safely eject any attached drives/volumes/partitions/ISO files

The drives/volumes/partitions sub-menus display basic volume information, including name, file system, mount point, and total size.


Installing Indicator Diskman on Ubuntu

Tony’s PPA (Personal Package Archive) contains the latest builds of all his apps for supported Ubuntu releases including Ubuntu 16.10.

sudo apt-add-repository ppa:teejee2008/ppa
sudo apt update && sudo apt install indicator-diskman

If you don’t want to add a PPA to install something so small, you don’t have to. Download either the (32-bit installer

or the 64-bit installer depending on your system version.

After installation is complete you can launch the app from your application menu.

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