KDE Plasma 5 Will Support A Global Menu Again


Support for a Global menu, just as that the Ubuntu Unity desktop offers, is on its way back to the KDE Plasma desktop.

Sebastian Kügler, the KDE Plasma developer, in a blog post summary of a recent KDE developer meeting, mentions: “Missing is support for a global menu similar to how MacOS displays application menus outside of the app’s window (for example at the top of the screen). 

We’re currently working on bringing this feature, which was well-supported in Plasma 4 back in Plasma 5, modernized and updated to current standards.”

Kügler went on to say that the feature could be available as soon as the upcoming Plasma 5.9 release and that the return of the window bar menu is “a sign of the global menu returning to Plasma”.

Other tantalizing info snippets from the meeting include plans for better locale support, an effort to refine and improve the Breeze GTK as well as Qt and icon themes, and the possibility of reducing their yearly releases from 4 to 3 years in 2017 and 2018.

KDE users: how would you like to see the comeback of support for a global menu? Drop your feedback in the comments section below.

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