The Solus Project announced its latest release, version 1.2.1 Shannon and by shifting a bit away from tradition this is a big release. This release will be the last time that Solus will use a point release because all subsequent ISOs will follow the snapshot model, meaning users will have less updating to do once they have installed from a new ISO.

Previous Solus have only one desktop environment, Budgie, but with this release, a MATE edition is available and it is all in effort to provide users with the seamless Solus MATE edition which runs MATE 1.16 built using GTK3.

Other Changes Include:

This latest release comes with many smaller changes of which the installer now having the option to use Logical Volume Manager (LVM) and encrypt your system via LUKS is one of them. Your Software Center automatically receiving the latest index of the repository each time you open it is another.

Budgie wasn’t left out of the upgrade package. The Budgie 10.2.8 comes with IBUS support to enable multi-lingual input and with  improved on-screen displays and several applets.

Check out the full list of changes on the Solus blog and you can also grab Solus’ latest ISO from the Solus website or use a torrent and take it for a spin while you’re at it.

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