Introducing Wunderlistux: A Wunderlist Alternative for Linux

Do you feel sad about the fact that Wunderlist for Linux is MIA? Don’t worry, Wunderlistux is here for you.n Electron-based desktop app.

Wunderlistux is an Electron-based desktop app that doesn’t claim to be anything more than a wrapper on the official Wunderlist web app.

Using Wunderlistux

You are free to download Wunderlistux from GitHub just keep in mind that it is designed for the elementary OS desktop and not Linux distros in general. The app might look out of place on your Unity, Cinnamon, GNOME, or MATE desktop, regardless of the theme you use.


This app styles the Wunderlist web app header using CSS and HTML5 to make it look like a header bar themed by the elementary (sic) GTK theme.

It is fully responsive and so you are at liberty to adjust its window into the size that suits you.


A few issues

If you open the Wunderlist web app in Firefox or Google Chrome you will be able to drag and drop to-dos and reorder them or drag them into a sidebar folder. This function seems not to be working in Wunderlistux. Sure, you can drag and drop a task – but it doesn’t move to anywhere.

Installing Wunderlistux

Wunderlistux does not particularly have a straightforward installation process.

Elementary OS doesn’t allow users to install software distributed outside their bespoke app store without using the command-line and this is probably the reason why Wunderlistux does not have a traditional app installer not is it distributed through a PPA.

So, what you will need to do is run it from its source folder and it isn’t as difficult as it sounds. Just download, extract and run.

If you want to create an application shortcut for Wunderlistux you can by creating a new blank text file in ~/.local/share/applications and name it wunderlistux.desktop. Finally, open it in Gedit (or any other text editor of choice) and pasting the following into it. Remember to edit the exec and icon paths to match its location on your system.

[Desktop Entry]

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