Pimp Your Desktop with These New Fedora 25 Wallpapers

If you are like many of us here at Ubuntu Next, you change your wallpaper often.

As refreshing to the mind as this habit is when accomplished, it usually involves a lot of dedicated time browsing the net to find images that are not just decent, but that are also high resolution.

Well, all that hassle ends today because Fedora has our back.


Fedora 25 Supplemental Wallpapers

Thanks to the Fedora design team, users and contributors can now submit their own photographs and designs and even have them shipped together with the release in the ‘Supplemental Wallpapers’ pack.

The users of RPM-based Linux distro have voted to pick a slate of satin background images to arrive in Fedora 25 which will be due for release next month.

Now, the results are in and a beautiful set of wallpapers (16 in total) have been selected for the next supplemental wallpaper pack, and boy, is the standard high.

You can check out the Fedora project page here for all the photographers’ and artists’ details, along with links to high-res downloads and license information so that you will be at liberty to download them and use as you like – except for sale.

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