Sneak Peek: Video Showing Future Changes to Unity 8

There’s a new YouTube video showing an overview of what the future Unity 8 update has planned up.

The video was uploaded by one Kugi Javacookies, who described the clip as a “quick overview of what’s to come soon to Unity 8 since the silo has now been signed off by QA, so it will probably land really soon”. Kugi also mentioned that he sees it as “awesome to actually follow projects even up to the small details. Codes in launchpad, actual projects in bileto and queued silos for QA testing in Trello. Really cool! 😀”.


For those who are not aware of Bileto, it is the automated ‘upstream release process’ (called ‘CI Train’) through which packages and updates undergo quality assurance (QA, for short). So, basically, a Silo is a decorative PPA.

In the clip, Kugi exhibits a Unity 8 built from #2022, which features Phone, Tablet and Desktop window management codes merged into ‘one that can do it all’, new spread visuals, and other changes.

According to the information on Launchpad, Ubuntu Touch OTA-14 will target 28 bugs.

As of now, Ubuntu Touch OTA-14 has no exact release date. And although we expect it to make an appearance in November for all supported Ubuntu devices, it is not certain that all the features and changes Kugi shows in his video will make it into the release.

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