Skype for Linux Client Receives Video Call Improvements



Skype just rolled out a new update to the Skype for Linux Alpha client making the Skype for Linux Alpha version officially increase to version 1.11.

The Linux Alpha Version 1.11 contains “many new features and improvement”, with performance improvements during video calls; Electron 1.4.4; and support for setting an avatar in group chats being the highlighted changes.

Perhaps, the things that constitute the “Many” are minor under the hood changes.

Some of the release testers claim to have experienced issues with receiving notifications while the app isn’t in focus. So, don’t forget to have that in mind if you do decide to grab the upgrade.

For those of you who already have Skype for Linux Alpha installed on your Linux desktop expect to see an update notification from the Software Updater soon.

If you are one who wants to join in on the Skype for Linux fun jamboree then you can head over to the website download Skype for Linux Alpha for Ubuntu.As it is a completely separate app, you can use the alpha client alongside the older Qt version.

It is an entirely separate app so you are at liberty to use the alpha client alongside the older Qt version.

Have you updated your Skype for Linux client app yet? What do you think about the video call improvement? Share your experience in the comments section below.

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