A More Useful Screensaver Will Ship With Linux Mint 18.1


Many people find screen savers useful. Many others don’t. It’s something that drains your battery while you are away for the period of time you set your computer to be on the watch out for. On the other hand, it helps your computer not sleep and so you don’t have to enter your password to log back into your system and continue your work – especially if you have a password that can be agonizing to type all the time.

Moving on – Linux Mint 18.1 had its codename announced today and so it is now getting set to ship with a neater, nicer and more useful screensaver/session lock sometime towards the end of this year. There will be the typical “log in” prompt along with some other useful stuff.

Clement Lefebvre, the Linux Mint leader, explains that “It’s much lighter and responsive than before and it shows media controls when multimedia is playing, so you don’t need to unlock the computer to mute it, to change the volume or to switch to the next song”.

Are you looking forward to trying out the new screensaver after the update? Drop your feedback in the comments section below.

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