Harmony Music Player Adds Deezer and Hype Machine Plugins

There’s a new version of the famous Harmony music player available for download.

The music player app is so versatile that it is able to play both local music files and titles from cloud music services like Soundcloud and Spotify. It also features native system integrations, a responsive design, and it has built-in Last.fm scrobbling.


In this latest version, Harmony v0.4.0 adds plugins for two more music streaming services: Deezer and HypeMachine, It also introduces a system tray to display controls (which also keeps the app running in the background) and it has gotten an all round cleanup.

That’s not all. The app has a new icon (which is display in our featured image for this article) and its style is similar to that of Apple’s iTunes icon.

Remember the dark skin mode that was introduced in the last update? It can now be enabled from within the settings panel. Additionally, double clicking on a listed playlist in the side panel will begin playing back the listed playlist.

Downloading or Updating Harmony

Being cross platform, Harmony is available to download and install on Windows, macOS, and Linux.  You can find direct links to download the desktop installers, AppImage, and source code on its Github page.

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